INNOVATIVE COATING SYSTEMS: High-speed coating using minimal space


The TransApp® coating systems combines flexible and modular construction with powder application at speeds of more than 1 meter per second.

The application with TransApp® technology is based on the electrostatic fluidized bed technique. With Längle and Fraunhofer IPA working together the new coating system can be be launched on the market. The technology is developed by the Fraunhofer IPA, while Längle has taken on the system development and the construction of the TransApp® application systems as well as complete coating system.

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Since the foundation in 1856 the Längle Group devotes all its efforts to

 The Perfection of Surfaces

  • Protecting & Improving: Prolong a product‘s life cycle
  • Refining & Beautifying: Improving the appearance of surfaces


Starting out as a single-handed endeavor for painting work, the Längle Group constantly works on the extension of surface treatment services by applying new technologies. Today the Laengle Group is an interdisciplinary combination of powder coating, wet painting, sandblasting, anodization, painting and the planning and construction of coating systems.

Due to the longtime experience and the constantly growing knowledge various surface technologies can be offered from a single source. Customers rely on the high-quality and comprehensive range of coating services as well as the customized coating systems.


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    New system designs with TransApp® technology

    The TransApp® technology opens new possibilities for new application units according to modular design principles: A variable TransApp® coating unit (built by Fraunhofer IPA and the University of Stuttgart) is now installed at Längle for conducting test series. mehr...


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